We approach our business clients differently than most business lawyers.  That’s because we are business owners too.  We understand that business owners think of their business – not sometimes – but all the time.

However, many business lawyers are perceived by their very own clients as “deal-killers” – spending their time scolding their clients about what they did wrong, what they cannot do, why something will not work, and the “right answer” under the law.  We know that our business clients want and expect something different.  We consider ourselves not only business lawyers, but more importantly, business strategists.  At Barrila Law we consult and strategize with our clients what they “can do”, how they “can do it” and what is “best” for them under the law.   We get to know our business clients from their point of view, not from behind our desk.  We welcome the opportunity to see your business in action – even if it means coming to your location, putting a hard hat on, wearing safety goggles, and putting on a full body suit!

We get it – owing a business is an important investment and responsibility; and nobody works harder in their business than the business owner.  We work with our business owners to successfully address the legal issues that they encounter in running a business. Our goal is to provide our business clients with legal solutions that match their needs and objections, so that they can remain competitive and profitable.

Whether you are building your business from the ground up, purchasing an existing business, or in the next stage of developing your business we can help you with:

  • Choice of business entity

  • Business name registration

  • Provincial incorporation of a business

  • Federal incorporation of a business

  • Incorporating a Not-For-Profit Business (provincial and federal)

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Shareholders Agreements

  • Drafting or reviewing Contracts/Purchase Orders

  • Drafting or reviewing Executive Employment Agreements

  • Draft and negotiate Commercial Leases

  • Update your Corporation’s Minute Book

  • Buying a Business

  • Selling a Business

  • Close/Dissolve your Business
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