Real Estate

Real Estate

The realtor may help you find your home – but we get you the “key.” At the Barrila Law we pay close attention to our clients in every real estate transaction from first time home buyers to seasoned real estate investors.  That’s why we consider ourselves the “key” people in every real estate transaction.  Our primary objective is to not only provide a comfortable and familiar experience with our clients but to assist them in achieving their life aspirations through real estate – whether it be starting a family, growing a family, or investing in real estate.


Whether you are buying, refinancing, or selling your personal residence, an investment property, or a parcel of commercial real estate, you should have a lawyer review your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.  In reviewing Agreements of Purchase and Sale, we have helped our clients save money and protect their interests.

Our real estate services include:

  • Buying or selling of Residential Property

  • Buying or selling of Commercial Property

  • Drafting and negotiating Residential Leases

  • Drafting and negotiating Commercial Leases

  • Mortgage Refinancing

  • Placing Title Insurance on Residential/Commercial Property
For a no obligation review of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale give Barrila Law a call and let us assist you with your real estate needs.
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